Friday, December 11, 2009

Amazing day for On-line Shopping!

I am so excited!!!  I have had such good luck with Shopping on-line today.  There are some quirky little things that I love about the holidays and as a newly married girl I have been on the look out for Christmas stockings that suit TJ and I just perfeclty and let me tell you it has been a task!  I remember my stocking as a little girl and it was so perfect for me.  It was a little blonde headed girl sleeping and dreaming of sugar plums and cute little Christmas stuff.  Well there were some stockings that I found for TJ and I but they were like $135 each or some others that were $48 each...both very expensive and I feel a little too much for something that will hang in our house one month out of each year!  Pottery Barn Kids however came through!!  They have reindeer stockings that are precious and today when I went on-line they were on-sale frome $19.00 each to a wonderful price of $9.99 each!  Needless to day I bought the whole know we have to have some for our hypothetical children and Ally!!!  Here they are!!!

As well as Stockings I love Christmas China!!!  I love to entertain and can't wait for the day that Christmas morning all of our family will be at our house...Me, TJ, all of our kiddy's, his parents, my parents...just a house full!  When we got married instead of regular China I registered for Christmas China.  I got some but the month or so after the wedding my pattern was not only discontinued the manufacturer was going out of business.  My pattern is Yuletide by Gail Pittman.  Anyway I joined the email list and have found out recently that the outlet store in Destin has announced they are closing their doors.  I called and they were out of what I needed but referred me to the only remaining outlet store in Mississippi.  They had what I needed, gave me 20% off to complete my collection and also shipped it to me for FREE!!!  Saved me over $200 and now I have a set of 14!!!  I am super excited. 

Christmas is such a fun time of year and even though these little material possessions are not what Christmas is all about they give me the warm and fuzzies!!  I have also been spending time today shopping for the family that we are providing Christmas for in our LifeGroup at Church.  Let me tell you shopping for a 7 year old is tough!  I have to get a toy chest (not cheap by the way) and a book and some shoes.  I can't wait to hear how much he enjoys it.  I know it will make a huge difference for this family to have Christmas provide for the kids.  There are twins that are 5 and a little boy that is 7.  What a merry Christmas this is turning out to be!

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