Monday, March 22, 2010

P90x...please God give me strength!

Ok it's official...TJ and I have started P90x.  Its a workout that TJ finally agreed to do with me.  He will not ride bikes, walk around the block, but this he has agreed to!  Poor poor me!!!  Ha Ha!  It's really kind of fun because we can do it at home in the living room but it's also very hard for me considering I have no athletic ability at all.  I am sure most of you have heard of the's 6 days a week for 90 days and supposedly at the end you are to be in the best shape of your life.  We'll see about that.  We did take before pictures but I won't dare show those until I have proven to myself that I am actually committed and that I won't quit.  I know that sounds crazy but I haven't stuck to anything like this before so I am hoping that TJ will really push me to finish.  He is trying to gain weight and tone and I am trying to loose weight and strengthen/tone.  We really did have fun last night...I hate to sit on the couch and am always up pittling so this is really perfect.  We are working out and moving around.  I hope this turns out really great for the both of us!!!  Bathing suit body here I come (still a one-piece but whatever!)  I'll keep you all posted on our progress.  Last night was chest, back, and abs.  Tonight is something called plyometrics. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Bummer...

TJ and I painted the Master Bedroom and Master Bath last weekend getting ready for the new Furniture that was supposed to arrive around March 1st.  I hadn't heard anything so I called the furniture place and they said, "Oh it should be here by April got delayed in shipping."  You could say that...I call one month behind schedule pretty delayed!  UGH.  I know I am impatient but I just can't wait.  My bedroom is now painted Grenn with a Blue and Brown Comforter.  Pretty huh?  ha!  Our new Comforter is Cream and Black and the new furniture is black so until we get the new furniture our Master Bedroom is going to look horrible.  Oh well! 

On another note TJ and I have been having the most fun lately hanging out together.  As a young newly married couple (those of you who are married know) you have times when you get along great and times when you argue more than ususal.  This has been one of those fun amazing times as husband and wife.  TJ is now home for good and not traveling with work.  We are enjoying the start of spring, working on the house, going to things that we haven't been able to go to together in 4 the Auburn vs. Alabama baseball game that is always here in March, Rodeo (tonight I can't wait!), and also the LeFete ball coming up in April.  Oh and of course weddings...we have two already on the calendar.  I have been going to spring weddings solo for years.  I finally have a date again!  I can't wait until the first of Summer when we can go to the lake and beach and actually get to spend Birthdays together too!  TJ will be the big 30 this year!!!

What can I say it's Friday and I am loving life!  God is good! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nashville Nights

Last weekend I went with my best friend from College, Boles, to Nashville with some of our Sorority Sisters.  Boles is getting married in April and we decided to do a little celebrating as she takes on a new last name!  I told her no matter what she will always be Boles to me, her last name is Boles and her first name is Ashley...I have never called her Ashley.  None of my friends from home even know Ashley but they all know and love some Boles!!!  Laura, Boles' friend from High School, drove us and Chat and Keri met us there.  We did some shopping and enjoyed a few nights out on the town.  Nashville is an awesome place with tons to do.  I love country music and the people watching was incredible.  ha!  Here are a few pics from our trip.

Keri, me, Boles, Chat, and Laura down front

Me and Boles

My new Authentic Cowboy Boots!!!