Saturday, November 28, 2009

Auburn vs. Alabama...such a close one!

Well I thought we would pull this one off.  It was so close!  With TJ being an Alabama fan and me being an Auburn fun the annual Iron Bowl is a day where we agree to disagree.  We are very good sports about it and enjoy the banter.  This year we started out the day by getting our Christmas tree.  The game was moved to the day after Thanksgiving which is always the day we get our tree.  TJ stayed home from hunting and we got up extra early to get it all done before the game started and friends showed up! 

Once the tree was up and all the other decorations were out we got ready for our football get together.  We decided after all the veggies we had all had the day before we would do steaks and twice baked potatos.  Very easy and very delicious!  Our good friends Jordan, Whitney, Will, and Rhett came over.  Its funny but all the girls were Auburn fans and all the guys were Alabama fans.  ha!  Lets just say it made for interesting rivalry!

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