Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow Day!!

I think TJ and I were the only ones in Montgomery that had to work last Friday.  I was stuck there until about 3pm.  I was so distracted my boss finally kicked me out.  ha!  TJ got home about noon and finally after I got there we were able to play in it!  If you know me at all I tend to have Chevy Chase or Steve Martin sendrom.  I build things up so much that when they finally happen my expectations are so high I get disappointed.  Well last Friday was no exception.  In my mind all I could think about were the pictures and what all we would do...I never just realxed and enjoyed it.  TJ was so mad at me...we couldn't play in it for me trying to set up the camera.  I finally put it down and we were able to enjoy our first time in the snow together.  I  know you fellow camera lovers understand, right????  ha!  We rode out to the Country because we knew it would be absolutley georgous...the trees, the old house, the creek...oh it was breath taking.  Ally had a blast!  She kept trying to eat the snow.  We tried the snow man thing in our yard at home but everytime we would roll up the snow we would get a little brown surprise...I hate when it's winter and the dog poo doesn't get mulched back in the grass.  ha ha!!!  That is really gross I know.  Well it was over all an amazing day and I did get the pics to remember it the skin of my teeth!  I have enjoyed looking at everyones pictures too; espically all the babies that experienced it for the first time.  What an amazing gift from God!

Here are the pictures from my families land in the Country. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Master Bedroom is coming together...

Well we purchased a comforter and the Furniture should arrive by March 1st.  I hope it isn't late but the guy at the funiture store said they have been so slow due to the economy and that all deliveries have been pretty much on time.  Yay!!!  I absolutley can not wait.  I have never had a king size bed and haven't had a FULL set of matching furniture since I was 13.  All we have left to do now is paint.  I went with a black and cream comforter so that we could be creative with the wall color.  After we painted the kitchen and the great room I was able to see just what a splash of color could do to a room!  It was amazing how it transformed our small space.  After we are done with this maybe we can get some new will probably be a while. 

Of course the picture won't save so you'll have to come over to see it!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am so greatful!

For the first time in 5 years I get to spend Spring with my Husband!  I know he wasn't my husband until 2008 but whatever, he still left me every spring to go to work.  His former job was in Kentucky and he left every year in February and didn't return until July.  It was awful!  I was so lonely and not to mention I was left to take care of all the yard work.  ha!  You don't realize how much happens in the spring; the flowers start to grow, the sun comes out and warms everything, wedding season begins, Valentines day and both of our Birthday's happen!  It is was such a lonely time by myself and not to mention a lonely time for TJ.  This past Monday would have been the day TJ left.  I sat down last night and took it all in.  With all the talks of Snow and Valentines day I couldn't have been more thankful that God allowed TJ to find such a wonderful job here in Montgomery...our HOME!  He works 5 minutes from the house and loves what he does.  God have given us many curve balls this past year and we both have been praying very hard about our job situations and God delivered!  I am going to enjoy today...even though I do think TJ and I are the only people in the entire state that are working today!  Maybe we will have snow left when we get home and we'll get the weekend off with a little play time outside.  I hope TJ has a special Valentines day planned for this weekend as well...I am long over due for some Vday Romance!!!! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Bedroom Furntiure...

As some of you know TJ and I have been remodeling the house...somewhat.  We have painted the Kitchen and Great Room as well as tiled the Kitchen and both bathrooms.  We are now getting ready to paint the bathrooms and Master Bedroom.  Once the Master is painted we are getting new furniture (proably next month).  Just wanted to give a preview of our new furntire...
I can't wait until it's complete.  We are painting it sort of an apple green/avocado green...color isn't decided on just yet.  All I know is that TJ and Ally can't wait for the King Size Bed!!!  We are sleeping on a FULL size bed and poor TJ's feet hit the footboard and there is absolutley NO room for Miss Ally.  I can't wait until we are one big happy family sleeping in peace!