Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool site for Black Friday Info

This is the greatest website and I have to share it with you!  You can go on this site and get a preview of all the sales for Black Fridyay...the day after Thanksgiving.  You can even create your own shopping list!  This way you can really compare prices and narrow down the places you want to go!  This used to be a big tradition for my mom and I but lately we havne't stuck too it as much.  We used to take a trip up to Birmingham and shop til we dropped!  We did go last year and waited outside of Target at 5am.  It was crazy.  People were wrapped around the building and getting so mad when the doors opened if someone went in front of them.  It was kind of comical to see grown men and women get upset about shopping!  Well hope you find some good deals.

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