Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please let us celebrate something...

TJ is turning 30 on Saturday...that seems so old to me.  Even though I am the one that seriously couldn't remember if I was 27 or 28 the other day when asked.  It's hard to keep up anymore. 
We have been in a rough place this month with so much going on concerning my injury, job, lack of income, etc.  As you know from my previous post we had to cancel our big vacation to Disney and Orlando.  Well I also had to cancel TJ's surprise party for this weekend.  I had Arrowhead Country Club booked with 8 tee times for TJ and his friends to play golf and then we were going to have lunch with family and friends.  I just couldn't do it b/c of our expenses this month and everything else going on.  Now TJ may even have to work on his birthday. 
I know that God has good reason for all that is going on in our lives right now but I must say it's hard to know how everyone says when it rains it pours.  I feel like we're in a hurricane.  We made plans to go to the lake for the weekend so I am hoping these too don't get cancelled.  If so I will feel so horrible for TJ not to mention how depressed I'll be.  I am ready to have some fun and get out of this house! 
Ok I'll stop.  It's not that bad.  We have a million and one reasons to be the happiest people in the world...Love, Jobs, Family, Friends, Home, New Furniture, and so much more!  I continue to thank God everyday for them and for what he has in store for TJ and I next.  WE WILL OVERCOME THIS!  Thank you to all of you who have been supportive during this difficult time.  I can't wait until things get back to normal!!!!  I miss laughing all the time and seeing all my co-workers, friends, and DRIVING! 
Happier post to come...I promise!  :)

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  1. Things will get better my Amy!!!:)Call me anytime adn I will pick you up to swim or do whatever else you would like to do! Thank you so much for the card you and T.J. sent! I loved the looked JUST like Popi!!!! xoxoxox! Keep your head up!!