Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Report...

Well things are progressing!  I went to the doctor yesterday and got my cast off and staples taken out.  I now have a very fashionable big black boot as part of my summer wardrobe. 

I was instructed to treat it as a cast and only take it off to bathe...yes I can submerge my foot under water and take a bath like a normal person!!  God answers prayers.  I asked the doc what the difference in a regular cast and the boot was and he said that it was a simple trust issue.  He is trusting that I will keep it on and continue to favor my leg.  No pressure on it and I must still elevate.  You don't know how frustrating elevating is but to constantly have your foot above your heart is harder than you imagine.  I have mastered many new positions other than just laying on my back.  ha ha!  I hope to go back to work soon and for my mother and TJ's sake I pray that I will back to normal in a few weeks.  TJ has learned so much about cooking and taking care of things.  I think he has a little bit of a new found appreciation for his wife.  He still wouldn't admit it though.  Gotta love manly men!!!  They are the best! 

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