Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Bummer...

TJ and I painted the Master Bedroom and Master Bath last weekend getting ready for the new Furniture that was supposed to arrive around March 1st.  I hadn't heard anything so I called the furniture place and they said, "Oh it should be here by April got delayed in shipping."  You could say that...I call one month behind schedule pretty delayed!  UGH.  I know I am impatient but I just can't wait.  My bedroom is now painted Grenn with a Blue and Brown Comforter.  Pretty huh?  ha!  Our new Comforter is Cream and Black and the new furniture is black so until we get the new furniture our Master Bedroom is going to look horrible.  Oh well! 

On another note TJ and I have been having the most fun lately hanging out together.  As a young newly married couple (those of you who are married know) you have times when you get along great and times when you argue more than ususal.  This has been one of those fun amazing times as husband and wife.  TJ is now home for good and not traveling with work.  We are enjoying the start of spring, working on the house, going to things that we haven't been able to go to together in 4 the Auburn vs. Alabama baseball game that is always here in March, Rodeo (tonight I can't wait!), and also the LeFete ball coming up in April.  Oh and of course weddings...we have two already on the calendar.  I have been going to spring weddings solo for years.  I finally have a date again!  I can't wait until the first of Summer when we can go to the lake and beach and actually get to spend Birthdays together too!  TJ will be the big 30 this year!!!

What can I say it's Friday and I am loving life!  God is good! 

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