Friday, February 19, 2010

The Master Bedroom is coming together...

Well we purchased a comforter and the Furniture should arrive by March 1st.  I hope it isn't late but the guy at the funiture store said they have been so slow due to the economy and that all deliveries have been pretty much on time.  Yay!!!  I absolutley can not wait.  I have never had a king size bed and haven't had a FULL set of matching furniture since I was 13.  All we have left to do now is paint.  I went with a black and cream comforter so that we could be creative with the wall color.  After we painted the kitchen and the great room I was able to see just what a splash of color could do to a room!  It was amazing how it transformed our small space.  After we are done with this maybe we can get some new will probably be a while. 

Of course the picture won't save so you'll have to come over to see it!!!!!

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