Friday, February 12, 2010

I am so greatful!

For the first time in 5 years I get to spend Spring with my Husband!  I know he wasn't my husband until 2008 but whatever, he still left me every spring to go to work.  His former job was in Kentucky and he left every year in February and didn't return until July.  It was awful!  I was so lonely and not to mention I was left to take care of all the yard work.  ha!  You don't realize how much happens in the spring; the flowers start to grow, the sun comes out and warms everything, wedding season begins, Valentines day and both of our Birthday's happen!  It is was such a lonely time by myself and not to mention a lonely time for TJ.  This past Monday would have been the day TJ left.  I sat down last night and took it all in.  With all the talks of Snow and Valentines day I couldn't have been more thankful that God allowed TJ to find such a wonderful job here in Montgomery...our HOME!  He works 5 minutes from the house and loves what he does.  God have given us many curve balls this past year and we both have been praying very hard about our job situations and God delivered!  I am going to enjoy today...even though I do think TJ and I are the only people in the entire state that are working today!  Maybe we will have snow left when we get home and we'll get the weekend off with a little play time outside.  I hope TJ has a special Valentines day planned for this weekend as well...I am long over due for some Vday Romance!!!! 

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  1. i hope that you have time to play in the snow. it is not sticking yet and i am dissapointed. I AM sure TJ will have a great vday planned out. see you Monday!!