Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I feel like Christmas is flying by this year.  Our vacation really put me behind.  We finally got our tree last week and got it all decorated last weekend.  I got the inside of the house finished too and decorated but I still haven't finished the outside.  All we normally do outside is wreaths on the windows but my suction cups broke and home depot is out so they still aren't up!  UGH!  Oh well.  Here are some of the pics from our Christmas card this year.  I absolutly love getting the mail this time of year!  Everyone puts so much time and effort into their cards and I just love getting them.  Our kitchen is full of great's so nice to see all of your beautiful smiling faces every day! 

Thank you to Kelli Alfreds for our Christmas card photo session.  You did a great job with Ally and we had a great time.  Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season.

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