Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last beach trip of the year...

Well this trip was mid-October so I'm a little's been a busy month!  My new job is going great and thank goodness Holiday Market (is over) was successful.  TJ and I did get to go see Boles and Joe for one last beach trip and an awesome fishing trip!  Joe is a true Floridian and has really turned my Boles into one too.  They showed us an amazing time, fed us great, and even sent us home with some fish for the freezer!  Here are some pics from our trip.  Thanks Boles and Joe for a great time!  I am praying TJ will take me to the Georgia game so we can see yall again soon.
Joe telling TJ all about the boat!

View of the Bay

TJ's fishing face...

Boles was the first to catch a fish!

All our Snapper!!!

The Fishing Rodeo was going on and all these boats kept pulling up to the dock at AJ's for weigh-ins.  A group of guys caught this 200lb hammerhead SHARK!

On our way in from a quick succesfull fishing trip


Who would have thought these two Auburn girls would be professional fisherwoman...this is mine and Boles' second saltwater fishing trip together!

Friends forever!

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