Friday, September 10, 2010

A new adventure and another year of marriage...

I am so excited to report I have a new Job!!  I have accepted a job with Merrill Lynch here in Montgomery and start on September 20th.  I used to be a Financial Advisor (2006-2009) but this volatile crashing economy got the best of me and I was stuck changing jobs just last year.  I found an amazing job with Embassy Suites downtown and over the last year have been planning meetings and events.  I have met some of the coolest people and worked with some of the most amazing organizations.  I have truly enjoyed myself but can't fight the urge to keep my brokerage license active.  {It can only be active if I am employed with a firm.}  I worked so hard for took 6 months of studying and lots of hard work!  Not to mention the benefits are pretty great too!  Wish me luck!

On another note; I am sitting pacing at home right now waiting on TJ to get here.  We are off to the beach tonight for the weekend.  We are celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on Monday!  Time flies when your having fun.  I am so excited about the trip.  We haven't been to the beach all year because of my leg injury.  I'm still not 100% but I'm getting around well enough to enjoy a wonderful weekend at the beach.  I think the salt water, sand, and relaxation is just what I need to get ready for a new job, another year of marriage, and to say goodbye to Summer.  What a Summer it's been...

I am not one to post only positive things and make people think that TJ and I have one of those perfect know what I'm talking about.  Those blogs and social sites where people only tell you how awesome their lives are and how amazing their husbands are...please let's get real!  You know life sucks sometimes; let's face it!  ha ha!  After all my sulky post this Summer I am going to dedicate this next paragraph to my Husband considering the special occasion this weekend...I've He's earned that!

Things I love about my Husband:
He goes with the flow
He says I Love You all the time
He takes care of our bulldog Ally like she's a sweet baby girl
He cuddles with me on the couch everyday
He let's me take thousands of pictures of him without complaining
He doesn't care when I blow money on shoes
He tells me how great of a cook I am
He doesn't snore
He makes time for me even though he'd rather be golfing sometimes most of the time
He watches the Bachelorette, Bachelor, and Bachelor Pad, etc with me
He is a hard worker
He's pretty darn HOT
and I get to kiss him whenever I want!!!

TJ thank you for marrying me...I am sure having fun being married to you!

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