Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Being in Montgomery, AL sometimes we're lucky if we actually have a fall season. I am so loving this one! My Grandmother has property in Macon county that we call "The Country" and since her passing in August it has become my Dad's and his siblings. I have grown up in "the country" and love being down there. It's the most beautiful property with an old house that my Dad and his buddies use as a hunting club lodge. Of course years ago TJ was welcomed with open arms and these days he's down there more than I am, practically running the show! He takes care of everything and I'm so proud of him for taking responsibility of the place. My dad and his buddies are not getting any younger and the place requires a lot of work. TJ loves riding the tractor and "working". Him and a couple of the younger guys plant green fields, cut trees, burn things (apparently that creates growth), and work on the house among many other things. "The country" was host to many parties when we were in college and even now keeping those old guys out of trouble is a chore. ha! It's a beautiful fun place and one day TJ and I plan to build our dream home there. I have already started saving photos of rooms in magazines that I love and maybe one day it will be a reality! I put some pictures below of the fields. We lease the farming rights and the farmer has been in there latley rolling up the hay. He harvested peanuts and is getting ready to harvest the cotton. Hunting season will be here next weekend. TJ will be there bright and early next Saturday to watch the sun come up and hopefully get his first deer of the season. There is nothing like having a freezer full of meat! Of course after his hunt I'm dragging him to Auburn for one of the most exciting games of the year...Auburn vs. Florida!!! Another reason to love fall, football season! I also love decorating the house for fall. I have the most beautiful mum on my front poarch and a big ole' pumpkin! I decorated my mantle with lots of little pumpkins and goards (I stole the idea out of my newest Southern Living but it doesn't look quite that good). Here are some pictures! I hope you are all enjoying your fall!
I think this picture was like 3 years ago...look how young TJ looks!

This one was this year at the first "work day". They were fixing the tree stand.

This is the field across from the hosue. The one pecan tree in the middle of the field is so beautiful.

The farmer miscalculated on his rows and due to the farming equipment and
how it picks the peanuts he had to leave one row! 

This is my favorite tree.  It's a Red Oak and my dad swears we could register it as one of the largest in the state.  My first dog is buried under this tree and TJ and I have hunted out of it many times.

The farmer loaded up his hay!  He says he gets like $35 for each bail! 
That's a lot of money for some grass...

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