Friday, May 7, 2010

Sick Day...

The one thing about a sick day is that I can get caught up on my blogging.  I am stuck at home with my new king size bed, an always sleepy bulldog, and computer.  I am on so much medication typing is slow but sure (I feel drunk).  I have strep throat.  I haven't had this in forever and it's not as bad as I thought but highly contagious.  I am ready for the antibiotics to start working so I can get back to enjoying Summer!! 

A few weeks ago I was in one of my best friends wedding in Birmingham.  It was the day of tornados but don't worry all was planned indoors and everything went off without a hitch.  I swear I am the bad-luck-bridesmaid.  Kari got married during hurricane Fay and now Boles in the Birmingham Tornados.  Maybe the old saying "rain is good luck on youy wedding day" is true.  Here are some pictures from the big day.  It was so great to see some of my great friends from college.

Chat, Allison, Jennifer, Boles, Laura, Me, and Keri

Me and my sweet hubby TJ

My Fabulous Delta Zeta's!

Friends Forever

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  1. Amy! So glad I found your blog again! I had lost it after you emailed me back in January. :) I love it! How are you guys doing??

    Hope you get to feeling better!